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Claire Bridel

One could say Claire Bridel was raised in the kitchen. Filled with curiosity and a desire to create, she spent countless hours experimenting and developing her taste in any kitchen she was given access to. Even from a very young age, every dish she made was always made distinct by her special touch.
Her dream of becoming a chef was realized when she graduated from the Pearson School of Culinary Arts in Lasalle, Quebec in 2008. Claire became head chef at a Montreal steakhouse within six months of being hired.
Now she’s taking her dream to the next level – her own restaurant with the freedom to create and share her distinctive dishes. Using locally sourced ingredients, Claire has developed a menu with something for everyone. Cooking is an art and Sorocco is Claire’s palette.

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Driss Benkirane

Driss Benkirane has been working in the restaurant business for over fifteen years. At a young age, he was already passionate and curious to learn more while admiring his mother and grandmother cook.
He began his career as a bus boy and with his talent, professionalism and charm, he made his way to general manager at some of Montreal’s finest restaurants. His Mediterranean background, world travels and eclectic experiences in many locations have contributed to his success.
A restaurant lover from day one, his dream was always to open his own place – a place that is warm, inviting and affordable, serving tempting and delicious food.

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